Survival Hazard Mod Apk for Android

Human beings are at stake.
Pick up your sniper rifle
Aimandshoot down all the zombies!
The night is coming, are you a hunter or a prey?

Game features:
Various game modes:
In addition to the normal map levels, the game also has the rocket launching mode for you to enjoy the fun of bombing and the finding zombie mode, etc. Just have fun in the diversified modes and explore hidden clues by yourself.
Various game maps. You can watch the map panorama and enjoy the spectacularscenes of the doomsday!
Diverse game weapons- you can find all types of main weapons and secondary weapons in game. The unique upgrade system allows you to build your own exclusive weapon!
Interesting props- Slow Time,Radar Positioning, etc. You can better survive in the end by using them! And the special prop- Future Dogs can help you locate and drag zombiesso that you can better showyour shooting skills!
Suitable for players over 18 years old.
No Wi-Fi? No problem!

What are you waiting for, download the Survival Hazard!





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